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Explore Jordan's attractions from your Amman hotel

Start your adventure with us and immerse yourself in the charm and beauty of jordan

From historical treasures to natural wonders, our customized itineraries will immerse you in the best of Jordan’s rich history, magnificent landscapes, and vibrant culture.

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This Day Tour takes you on a historical adventure. Discover traditions and marvels in Amman, Jordan’s capital, including the Citadel, Archaeological Museum, and markets. Visit As-Salt, a town with well-preserved buildings.

This one-day voyage starts in Amman, Jordan, combining traditional traditions with modern luxury. Visit the Dead Sea, the lowest spot on Earth . Explore Jerash, a famous Roman site with ruins and architecture.

Explore Amman’s streets with markets, spices, and crafts showcasing history on a day trip. Visit the Citadel, Roman Theatre, Jordan Museum, and King Abdullah Mosque, highlighting Islamic heritage.

Start your one-day trip to Bethany, Mt. Nebo, Madaba, and Mukawir. Experience where prophets and saints performed miracles. Immerse in faith, history, culture, from Jesus’ baptismal site to Mt. Nebo and Mukawir’s ruins.

On a desert excursion, see Jordanian Desert Castles with unique stories. Explore Azraq Wetland, a nature refuge. Witness the balance between nature and human creations in beautiful scenery. An adventure awaits.

A one-day trip in Jerash, known for its well-preserved remains and history. In Amman, experience the blend of old and new with marketplaces, cultural treasures, and modern wonders, all surrounded by Jordanian hospitality.

Explore ancient Jerash on a day trip, with timeless architecture bringing history alive. Stroll the streets of this Roman masterpiece, absorbing the beauty of a past era. Relax at the Dead Sea, famous for its healing properties. 

Explore the religious significance of Jerusalem on a one-day pilgrimage with Via Jordan Travel. Walk in the footsteps of prophets and immerse yourself in history and spirituality. 

Explore the ancient wonders of Madaba, Mount Nebo, and Karak fortress on a 2-day tour with Via Jordan Travel. Immerse yourself in history and culture with expert guides. 

Explore Madaba’s ancient treasures, the heights of Mt. Nebo, and Ma’in Hot Springs on a thrilling tour. Explore Madaba’s mosaics, view Promised Land from Mt. Nebo, and unwind in Ma’in Hot Springs.

Embark on a thrilling trip to Madaba, known for stunning mosaic art illustrating historical events. Climb Mt. Nebo for views that inspired Moses. Tour Shoubak Castle, a historic fortress of grandeur.

Via Jordan Travel offers a spectacular journey to Madaba, Nebo, and Petra from Amman. Reveal ancient wonders and make amazing experiences. Book your day excursion today!

Day trip to Mukawir, Madaba, Nebo, and the Dead Sea captures Jordan’s rich history and beauty. Visit Mukawir’s hill, explore Madaba’s mosaics, and experience Mount Nebo. End the journey at the Dead Sea.

Unforgettable one-day tour: Petra’s historic riches combined with the healing effects of the Dead Sea. Explore Petra’s architectural wonders. Then, relax in the Dead Sea, where mineral-rich waves gently float your body. 

This day-tour offers relaxation & adventure. Visit Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with stunning architecture. Relax at Ma’in Hot Springs, mineral-rich waters cascade for a peaceful retreat. 

Experience the wonders of Petra & Wadi Rum on a private tour from Amman with Via Jordan Travel. Uncover the ancient beauty of Jordan with expert guides.

Discover the ancient wonders of Petra on a private tour from Amman with Via Jordan Travel. Immerse yourself in history and explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site like never before.

An enthralling day trip to Umm Qais, Jerash, and Ajloun offers echoes of history, ancient ruins, stately columns, and architectural marvels testifying to past civilizations’ creativity. Explore Jordan’s rich past for lasting experiences.

On a day trip, explore Wadi Al Moujeb, a canyon in a desert paradise with cliffs, waterfalls, and vegetation. Relax and rejuvenate your body and mind by floating in the Dead Sea’s mineral-rich waters.

Set off on Jordan Short Break Tour, exploring Amman, Madaba’s mosaic art and Mt. Nebo. Discover Petra, a rose-red city carved in rocks. Uncover Jordan’s history at key locations.

Discover the wonders of Biblical Amman and As-Salt on a captivating day tour with Via Jordan Travel. Delve into ancient history and immerse yourself in the rich culture of Jordan.

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Jordan awaits you with its rich history, the Red and Dead Seas, Petra's treasures, and the surreal beauty of its landscapes!

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