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Dead Sea Travel Guide

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Welcome to Jordan’s stunning Dead Sea shore, a wonderfully captivating site where nature’s wonders and historical legacies merge. We are delighted to show you around this extraordinary site that symbolizes both tranquility and activity.

The Dead Sea has an undeniable fascination, famous for its natural beauty and unusual geological features. This magnificent body of water, nestled in the midst of the Great Rift Valley, is the lowest place on Earth, giving an unearthly experience that captivates the senses.
Explore the world of ancient civilizations that have left their imprint on the area beyond the Dead Sea’s crystal-clear waters. Investigate the archaeological sites in the area for an insight into the fascinating tapestry of human history.


Discover a range of exceptional lodgings that reinvent the art of hospitality.
These hotels, nestled along the pristine Dead Sea shoreline, encapsulate the essence of pleasure, flawlessly merging modern grandeur with the timeless attraction of this natural marvel.
Enter the beautiful lobbies, which are filled with great artwork and trendy furnishings, to enter a world of polished luxury.

Healing Waters

Relax and rejuvenate in the Dead Sea’s world-renowned medicinal powers. Float weightlessly in its buoyant waves while being welcomed by mineral-rich mud that nourishes and revitalizes your skin.
You are guaranteed a tremendous feeling of release as the stresses of everyday life disappear into the depths below while you float easily on the surface, weightless and free.

Jordan River

Discover Jesus Christ’s hallowed Baptismal site, a location of enormous spiritual importance where believers from all over the world gather to seek consolation and rebirth. Consider the amazing moment when Jesus himself emerged from the Jordan River, marking this location with holy force for all time.
The Baptismal site welcomes you with open arms, whether you want comfort, forgiveness, or simply to bask in the aura of this remarkable event.


Back in time, see the biblical city of Madaba, also known as Moab in ancient times. Admire the beautiful mosaics that decorate the city’s churches and historical monuments, each of which tells a tale based on biblical themes and ancient mythology. Imagine biblical figures, and historical events coming to life before your eyes, revealing stories of faith, victory, and the complex web of the human experience. Wander through the halls of history as you reflect on the artistic ability that created these timeless masterpieces.

Mount Nebo

Feel the weight of history as you consider Moses’ spiritual voyage, guiding his people through trials and sufferings to the land of promise. Step upon the holy land of Mount Nebo, where Moses once stood, and gazed out over the Promised Land with hope and admiration.
Allow your mind to wander across the enormous expanse that once captivated the emotions of previous generations as you gaze upon the spreading scenery. Imagine ancient tribes navigating these treacherous terrains, eager to begin a new chapter in their collective history.

Ma'in Hot Springs

Discover the enthralling Ma’in Hot Springs, a secluded sanctuary buried in a rocky canyon. Immerse yourself in the warm embrace of these natural thermal waters, which are famous for their restorative and therapeutic powers. A sensation of tranquility sweeps over you as the mineral-rich waters stream over your body, restoring both body and spirit. Surrender to the healing effects of the springs and let your worries fade away against the magnificent backdrop of flowing waterfalls and lush surroundings.

Desert Castles

Visit the magnificent architectural wonders that have endured the test of time. These fortified towers, embellished with beautiful carvings and ornate mosaics, provide a look into bygone ages’ luxury and grandeur.
Explore the halls of Qasr Kharana, a mysterious desert hideaway, or meander through the mysteriously beautiful hallways of Qasr Amra, which are covered with stunning paintings. These desert castles contain the secrets of long-gone civilizations, enticing you to uncover their secrets.

Mukawir - Machaerus

Explore the majestic Machaerus Fortress. This historic castle, perched high on a rocky hill, remains as a tribute to the region’s glorious past. As you climb the hill, you’ll be taken back in time to a period of kings, warriors, and epic battles, and you’ll be able to take in the panoramic views of the stunning landscapes below. Allow the echoes of history to whisper their tales of John the Baptist’s strength, victory, and tragedy as you immerse yourself in the ancient magnificence of Machaerus.

Umm ar-Rasas - UNESCO World Heritage Site

The ancient city of Umm ar-Rasas is located approximately 10 miles east of the famed Dibon and the Kings’ Highway. With a name that recalls the majesty of the Bronze Age, this Moabite city, once known as Meiphat ( Jeremiah 48:21), uncovers its layers of history like a riveting narrative from the scriptures.
Step into the interior of Saint Stephen’s Church to witness the exquisite mosaic floor, which originates from 785 CE and is a tribute to the creative brilliance and spiritual commitment of the Byzantine era.

Hiking and Trekking

As you explore the surrounding region, you will enter a realm of unlimited discovery and adventure. Hiking pathways zigzag across scenic scenery, exposing unexpected gems along the way. Discover secret valleys, gushing waterfalls, and awe-inspiring cliffs that demonstrate nature’s raw force.

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