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Full Day Jeep Tour in Wadi Rum

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Embark on a thrilling adventure with our Full Day Jeep Tour in Wadi Rum, where you will explore the majestic beauty of the desert landscape in the comfort of our sturdy jeeps. Immerse yourself in the rich history and breathtaking scenery that awaits you at every turn, as you journey through ancient canyons, iconic landmarks, and stunning natural formations. Join Via Jordan Travel & Tours for an unforgettable experience that will leave you in awe of Wadi Rum’s enchanting beauty.

Tour Highlights:

Wadi Rum Visitor center, Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Lawrence Springs, Al Khazali Canyon Lawrence’s House and Natural Rock Bridges.


Discover Khazali Canyon:

  • Descend into the depths of Khazali Canyon and marvel at the ancient rock inscriptions that adorn its towering walls.
  • Immerse yourself in the intriguing stories and legends that echo through the canyons, igniting your imagination and sense of wonder.

Explore Lawrence's House:

  • Visit the iconic home of Lawrence of Arabia and walk in the footsteps of this daring explorer.
  • Pay homage to Lawrence’s indomitable spirit as you explore the remains of his simple yet inspiring desert dwelling.

Marvel at Burdah Canyon:

  • Enter the spectacular Burdah Canyon and witness the towering sandstone cliffs that dominate the skyline.
  • Feel the raw power and beauty of nature as you navigate the twisting trails of this geological wonder.

Admire Umm Frouth Rock Bridge:

  • Cross the time barrier and gaze upon the majestic Umm Frouth Rock Bridge, a testament to nature’s craftsmanship.
  • Capture the awe-inspiring beauty of this natural arch as it spans the vast expanse before you.

Experience Umm Sabata's Sunset Site:

  • Witness nature’s dazzling display of colors as the sun sets over the horizon at Umm Sabata’s exquisite Sunset Site.
  • Allow the peace and tranquility of the moment to wash over you as the desert sky becomes a canvas of fiery hues.

Explore Umm Ishrin Red Sand Dunes:

  • Surrender to the allure of the Umm Ishrin Red Sand Dunes, where nature’s creative artistry is on full display.
  • Feel the silky red sands beneath your feet and immerse yourself in the harmonious serenity of the desert landscape.

Book Your Full Day Jeep Tour with Via Jordan Travel & Tours:

Join us at Via Jordan Travel & Tours for an unforgettable Full Day Jeep Tour of Wadi Rum’s enchanting beauty. Let our experienced guides and comfortable jeeps take you on a journey of discovery and enchantment, where ancient stories and natural wonders come together to create a truly memorable experience. Surrender to the desert’s timeless charm and let the magic of Wadi Rum unfold before your eyes.

The program includes:

  • Pickup from any place in Jordan and drop off.
  • Transfers by air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Jeep safari in Wadi Rum desert.
  • English-speaking guide.
  • Entrance fees to the sites.
  • Dinner in the Bedouin camp.

The program does not include:

  • Personal travel Insurance expenses.
  • Tips / gratuities.
  • Government tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), or compulsory charges introduced after publication.
  • Optional excursions and activities (are subject to availability).
  • Any beverages with meals, unless mentioned and upon request.
  • Carriages and camel rides.
  • Extra costs due to unanticipated changes in the itinerary for reasons beyond our control.
  • Any other items not listed in the “includes”.

Tour options:

  • Optional activities are subject to availability.
  • Optional private or onsite local guides.
  • Guides in languages other than English are available upon request and subject to availability.
  • Optional special private vehicles are available upon request

Changes overview:

The itinerary may change due to unanticipated circumstances, factors beyond our control, or at the guide’s discretion.

Important notes:

  • Staying Healthy
  • The time frame for this tour is approximate and subject to change according to the client’s preference.
  • The tour itinerary is subject to change due to factors beyond our control and event of unforeseen circumstances or at the guide’s discretion.
  • In the event of an increase in fuel prices, Via Jordan Travel & Tours reserves the right to raise the prices for its services without prior notice.
  • Optional excursions and activities are subject to availability.
  • Optional special private vehicles available upon request.
  • Copies of your passports are required in advance to issue port permits (if needed).
  • You need to take your passport or a good quality photocopy of it with you.
  • Reservations made less than 20 working days before the start of the service may be subject to change.
  • Your booking is confirmed only upon the provision of 50% prepayment.
  • Using sufficient amount of sun protection lotion is essential for avoiding sun burn.

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