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Hiking Tour from Dilagha to Humeima for 4 Days

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Set off on a remarkable trekking journey in the captivating Petra Region from Dilagha to Humeima. Prepare to be enthralled by Jordan’s untamed beauty, extensive past, and mesmerizing landscapes as you travel along historic paths and unearth hidden treasures.

Every step on our hiking trip reveals a new surprise, leaving you in awe of the area’s natural and cultural legacy. It’s a fascinating voyage through time.

Prepare to be mesmerized by the untainted beauty of the surroundings as you lace up your boots and start your trip from Dilagha. You will observe the change from gentle hills to breathtaking cliffs and expansive views that appear to go on forever with each step you take.

As you make your journey into Humeima, traverse historic pathways that have seen the footprints of long-gone civilizations. Immerse yourself in the quiet of the desert, interrupted only by the sound of your own footsteps and the faint whispering of the wind.

You’ll come across hidden jewels that narrate stories from a bygone age along the journey. Discover the mysteries of the desert oasis while exploring ancient ruins and marveling at rock-cut architecture. Your educated guides will explain the historical significance of the locations, allowing you to fully engage with the region’s rich cultural mosaic.

As dusk sets, relax and reenergize in our cozy campsites hidden among the breathtaking scenery. Enjoy the peace and quiet as you look up at the starry night sky while telling tales over a roaring bonfire.

Arrive at the lovely destination of Humeima on the last part of your adventure. Admire the majesty and impressive grandeur of this old city, which is renowned for its beautiful carvings. As you gaze in awe at the wonders created by the hands of artists from ages past, you’ll experience a genuine feeling of achievement.

Join us on an incredible hike from Dilagha to Humeima and witness the Petra Region’s magnificence unfold before your eyes. You’ll get the opportunity to connect with nature, immerse yourself in history, and create lifetime memories with the aid of our educated tour leaders, well planned itinerary, and sumptuous hotels. Reserve your seat today and prepare for an unforgettable tour to Jordan’s hidden treasures in the Petra area.

Tour overview

This private hiking trip begins and finishes in Wadi Musa, and we will pick you up from any Wadi Mousa location.  

Tour Highlights

Naqb Dilagha, Wadi Mishazza, Ras Athud, Ein Mishazza, Wadi Mishazz, Ras Athud, Wadi Quseib Canyon, Ein Rakiya, Wadi Rakiya, Wadi Aheimir Sand dunes, Wadi Aheimir, Humeima, Jabel Umm Asawir.


Day 1: Petra – Naqb Dilagha, Wadi Mishazza, Ras Athud, Ein Mishazza spring camping

bbbBegin your experience at Naqb Dilagha, where you will begin your walk across the breathtaking Wadi Mishazza.
Once you make your approach towards Ras Athud, take in the stunning scenery and jagged rocks. As the day comes to an end, stay at the lovely camping spot beside Ein Mishazza spring, surrounded by nature’s peacefulness.bbbb

Day 2: Wadi Quseib Canyon and Ein Rakiya camping

The route today takes you through the beautiful Wadi Quseib Canyon.
Explore the meandering road and take in the splendor of the canyon’s granite formations.
Arrive in Ein Rakiya, a peaceful oasis, and set up tent for the night in the peaceful surroundings.

Day 3: Wadi Rakiya, Wadi Aheimir Sand dunes, Wadi Aheimir, camping at Ein Aheimir

Continue your trek through the enthralling Wadi Rakiya, discovering its hidden treasures. Wadi Aheimir’s enormous sand dunes are an astonishing sight in the desert environment. Set up camp near Ein Aheimir for the night, where you may relax and take in the beauty of the surrounds.

Day 4: Humeima, Jabel Umm Asawir

Ascend Jabel Umm Asawir, conquering the rough terrain and taking in the spectacular views that lie at the peak. Ascend to Humeima, a wonderful old city recognized for its distinctive architecture and historical value. Arrive at Humeima, where your hiking excursion finishes, leaving you with memorable recollections of the Petra Region.

Please keep in mind that this schedule is only a guideline and may be modified based on your preferences and the hiking group’s ability.

The program includes

  • Meet and pick up from your hotel in Wadi Mousa.
  • Transfers by air-conditioned vehicle.
  • English-speaking guide.
  • Entrance fees to the sites.
  • Meals.

The program does not include

  • Personal travel Insurance expenses.
  • Tips / gratuities.
  • Government tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), or compulsory charges introduced after publication.
  • Optional excursions and activities (are subject to availability).
  • Any beverages with meals, unless mentioned and upon request.
  • Carriages and camel rides.
  • Extra costs due to unanticipated changes in the itinerary for reasons beyond our control.
  • Any other items not listed in the “includes”.

Tour options

  • Optional activities are subject to availability.
  • Optional private or onsite local guides.
  • Guides in languages other than English are available upon request and subject to availability.
  • Optional special private vehicles are available upon request.

Changes overview

The itinerary may change due to unanticipated circumstances, factors beyond our control, or at the guide’s discretion.

Important notes

  • Staying Healthy
  • The time frame for this tour is approximate and subject to change according to the client’s preference.
  • The tour itinerary is subject to change due to factors beyond our control and event of unforeseen circumstances or at the guide’s discretion.
  • In the event of an increase in fuel prices, Via Jordan Travel & Tours reserves the right to raise the prices for its services without prior notice.
  • Optional excursions and activities are subject to availability.
  • Optional special private vehicles available upon request.
  • Copies of your passports are required in advance to issue port permits (if needed).
  • You need to take your passport or a good quality photocopy of it with you.
  • Reservations made less than 20 working days before the start of the service may be subject to change.
  • Your booking is confirmed only upon the provision of 50% prepayment.
  • Using sufficient amount of sun protection lotion is essential for avoiding sun burn.

Dress Code

  • Dress appropriately for the weather.
  • In order to protect oneself from the blazing summer heat, you should use caps, sunscreen lotion, and loose, cool clothing.

Site topography

Petra is a vast site that requires a lot of walking and climbing, so comfortable shoes are a must. Also, make sure to wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.

Walking distance

This trip expects you to walk 9 km in 8 hours each day, so comfortable shoes are suggested.

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