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Jordan Travel Guide

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Welcome to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, a land steeped in a rich tapestry of history and heritage. Jordan, from ancient civilizations to current wonders, is a tribute to human civilization’s persistence and magnificence.

Jordan’s history unfolds like the pages of an epic narrative, stretching back thousands of years. Each chapter is a narrative of victory, conquest, and cultural interchange, from the ancient Nabateans who sculpted magnificent towns into the sandstone cliffs of Petra to the vast Roman Empire that once dominated these regions.

Jordan’s history is linked with great personalities who affected the country’s fate. From Lawrence of Arabia’s heroics during the Arab Revolt to the prudent leadership of the Hashemite dynasty, legends of heroes and monarchs resound through the ages.

Today, Jordan’s Hashemite Kingdom is a model of stability and growth in a region recognized for its difficulties. Jordan has evolved as a symbol of peace and an intersection between civilizations, encouraging communication and understanding, thanks to visionary leadership.

The History of Jordan

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan rises from the threads of time as a monument to its people’s strength, vision, and indomitable spirit. 
Jordan’s fate was seeded in 1921, when its courageous ruler, King Abdullah I, stepped foot on this priceless region, establishing the foundations for a new age, one that would bring wealth, stability, and togetherness to a land filled with promise, with an ambitious agenda and strong commitment.
Jordan prospered under the Hashemite monarchy, embracing development while cherishing its firmly planted tradition. From King Abdullah I to His Majesty King Abdullah II, Jordan’s Hashemite monarchs have guided the country through turbulent times, establishing peace and developing a sense of identity as a nation that echoes in the souls of its citizens. Their rule has been distinguished by a dedication to the concepts of equity, fairness, and social stability, as well as a commitment to building strong ties with neighboring countries and the rest of the world. Jordan’s rulers have managed the region’s specifics with wisdom and diplomacy over the years, establishing the country’s image as a symbol of stability in a tangled globe.

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; King Abdullah II; Queen Rania; Jordan Royal family

Traveling to Jordan

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, nestled in the center of the enthralling Middle East, firmly asserts its place as a region of great geographical significance.

Jordan’s strategic location at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe has shaped its rich history and blessed a diverse and appealing landscape.

Jordan is served by several international airlines, which provide easy and comfortable flights to its contemporary and well-connected airports.

Whether you begin your journey in Europe, Asia, the Americas, or elsewhere, you will discover a variety of alternatives to fit your preferences. 

Allow the excitement to build as you soar through the air, excitedly anticipating your arrival on Jordanian soil.

How to Reach Jordan

The Kingdom of Jordan is easy to reach thanks to its well-connected transportation network. Whether you come through one of three international airports, by land, or by sea, your trip to Jordan is sure to be memorable.
Jordan’s primary airport is Queen Alia International Airport, which is located just outside the busy capital city of Amman. This contemporary and pleasant airport is the ideal gateway to the country’s rich cultural history. From here, you can easily see the attractions of Amman, the ancient remains of Jerash, or the captivating desert views of Wadi Rum.
For those looking for a one-of-a-kind seaside holiday, King Hussein International Airport in Aqaba serves as the entry to the Red Sea Riviera. The blue waves and golden beaches will captivate you when you arrive in this charming port city. You may go on daring diving and snorkeling activities from Aqaba, discover the spectacular underwater world of the Red Sea, or simply relax on the pristine beaches.
Aqaba airport is an excellent place to start if you want to learn more about Jordan’s extensive history and heritage in the south. Explore Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or be amazed by the desert’s natural beauty at Wadi Rum. You may easily immerse yourself in Jordan’s distinctive blend of the past and modern thanks to the accessibility of this airport.
Jordan’s well-maintained road networks provide a picturesque and accessible route to reach its territory for individuals who prefer overland journeys. Cross the border from neighboring nations and marvel at the breathtaking scenery that unfolds before your eyes. Travel across Jordan’s rugged beauty, explore ancient historic sites, and enjoy the warm hospitality of the Jordanians along the route.
If you want to travel in style, consider going by sea. Cruise ships and private boats are accepted in Jordan’s Aqaba port, allowing you to set sail on a picturesque journey. As you come closer to the coast, the stunning Jordanian mountains and the pristine waters of the Red Sea will greet you. This nautical route is a wonderful choice for anyone searching for a unique and remarkable introduction to the kingdom.
Jordan calls with its rich history, breathtaking scenery, and kind people no matter how you choose to get there. In order to make your travel easy and unforgettable, Via Jordan Travel & Tours is ready to help you at every stage.

Jordan Tourism Attractions

Jordan entices visitors with its rich past and magnificent natural beauty, from the ageless ruins of Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, to the majestic desert panoramas of Wadi Rum, where the flaming sunset colors the sky in gold vibrant colors.

Immerse yourself in the Rose City’s mysteries as you go through the tiny Siq and see the Treasury’s majesty emerge before your eyes. Admire the elaborate facades, rock-cut tombs, and ancient temples that bear tribute to the Nabatean civilization’s inventiveness, a monument to human skill and architectural mastery.


The Red Sea’s beautiful sandy beaches encourage you to unwind and enjoy the warm sun. Relax beneath the spreading shadows of palm trees, soothed by the sound of lapping waves.
Swim with stunning sea turtles, bright dolphins, and a variety of exotic sea creatures to make experiences that will stay with you forever.

For those seeking adventure, the red-rock gorges of Wadi Mujib and the rocky paths of Dana Biosphere Reserve provide fascinating trekking and exploring options. Discover secret waterfalls, travel through spectacular environments, and experience nature’s endurance in these untouched wildernesses.

A visit to the Roman-era town of Jerash, with its magnificent amphitheater, colonnaded avenues, and rising temples, would not be complete without a stop in Jordan. Step into this living witness to the strength and splendor of the Roman Empire and immerse yourself in the whispers of the past’s glory.

Jordan unveils its treasures with each walk, each location a chapter in a story written by the pens of ages-old cultures. It is a country where tales comes to life, where the past and present weave together to form an embroidery of awe and wonder.
Discover the enchantment of this magnificent place, where echoes of history reverberate and memorable experiences are woven into the fabric of your adventure.

Jordan Museums and Art Galleries

Welcome to Jordan’s cultural abundance, where past and present meet in a harmonious composition of art, history, and creation. Exploration of the country’s great museums and art galleries, each an amazing collection of human expression and invention, will take you into another dimension of imagination and discoveries.

The Jordan Museum, located in the center of Amman, the capital city, is a light of knowledge and a keeper of the nation’s past. Indulge yourself in the intriguing exhibitions that span generations, from prehistoric artifacts to breathtaking discoveries at archaeological sites. Witness the subtle beauty of ancient carvings, the delicacy of jewelry artistry, and the stories inscribed into the walls of history.

For art lovers, the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts is an attraction to the country’s rich artistic culture. Contemporary and classical art coexist here, creating an environment where creativity has no limitations. Lose yourself in the brushstrokes of brilliant local and worldwide painters, whose masterpieces arouse emotions and encourage contemplation.

Beyond the capital, the Ancient City of Jerash is home to the Jerash Archaeological Museum, which highlights the region’s rich past. Explore the hallways filled with antique relics, sculptures, and mosaics that portray the daily life of the people who once lived in this magnificent Roman metropolis.

The Madaba Archaeological Park Museum in the awesome town of Madaba takes you on a trip through time. Admire the beautiful Byzantine mosaics depicting biblical tales and tracing the stages of previous historical periods. Each mosaic tile is a piece of history that has been meticulously maintained and displayed for all to see.

As you travel south, the intriguing city of Petra reveals the Petra Museum, a doorway to the Nabatean kingdom’s grandeur. Discover the mysteries of this ancient civilization while admiring the beautiful carvings, architectural wonders, and relics that bring history to life. It is a tribute to human craftsmanship as well as the lasting heritage of a brilliant humankind.

Via Jordan Travel and Tours is waiting for you to take an enthralling tour around Jordan’s art museums and galleries, where you will be engaged in the magnificence of the past as well as the lively manifestations of the present. As you explore these historical and artistic treasure troves, our professional guides will shed light on the tales that are knitting up the strands of history, art, and culture.

Jordan Outdoor Activities

Welcome to Jordan’s playground of thrilling adventures and natural beauties, where nature lovers can ignite their energetic spirit and participate in a variety of exciting outdoor endeavors.
Jordan provides a plethora of options to fulfill any adventure seeker’s passion, from tough hikes through historic landscapes to exhilarating water sports and awe-inspiring airborne journeys.

As the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea offers an otherworldly environment that will leave you astonished Take in its timeless beauty. Immerse yourself in the legendary waters, known for their buoyancy and therapeutic abilities. As you effortlessly float on the magnificent turquoise surface, the stresses of the world seem to vanish and are replaced by a sense of absolute tranquility.

Jordan’s rocky landscape is a refuge for trekkers and hikers who want to conquer mountains and explore stunning paths. Lace up your boots and set off on an extraordinary tour through the awe-inspiring scenery of Dana Biosphere Reserve or the stunning valleys of Wadi Mujib. As you immerse yourself in nature’s pristine splendor, expect to be rewarded with breathtaking landscapes, secret waterfalls, and encounters with seldom seen creatures.

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Embark on an adventurous off-road journey through the stunning deserts of Wadi Rum in a 4×4 vehicle. Explore the soaring sandstone limestone cliffs, ancient formations of stones, and the mythical Seven Pillars of Wisdom while the wind caresses your face. Discover Lawrence of Arabia’s secrets as you visit his home and see the fascinating Bedouin culture that lives in this timeless region.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic adventure, a unique family excursion, or simply a moment of pure wonder, a hot air balloon flight in Jordan offers an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life.
As you soar higher, a sensation of calm and peace floods over you, allowing you to fully enjoy the natural beauty unfolding beneath your sight. Capture stunning views of historic monuments like the rose-red city of Petra, whose exquisite architecture reveals secrets of former civilizations. Witness Jordan’s raw beauty, with its craggy mountains, and green valleys.

If you desire to have fun on the water, there are several exciting water activities to choose from.

Feel the joy of riding the waves while windsurfing along the Red Sea’s coastline. Glide over the water on a wakeboard or have a daring jet ski ride.

Via Jordan Travel & Tours; Sinai; Prophet Moses; Saint Catherine; Saudi Arabia; NEOM; Tabuk; Moses well; Maghaer; Shoaib; Madaba; nebo; Jerusalem; Church of the Holy Sepulchre; Aqsa; Eilat; Israel; Jabal; Baker; Sor; Hummeimeh; Khubat; Rahmeh; Wadi; Arab; Fidan; Rakya; Sand; Dunes; Madaba, Nebo; Jerash; Ajloon; ajloun; free; mud; little Petra; Dana; Madaba; Nebo; KSA; Saudi Arabia:; Wadi; Rum; dunes; desert: sand; rock; bridge; hot; springs; ma'in; dead; sea; floating; red sea; Aqaba; Citadel; Temple of Hercules, the Umayyad Palace, Archaeological Museum, Roman Theater; As-Salt; Dead Sea; floating; Madaba; Mount Nebo; Ma'in; Hot Springs; Madaba; Karak Castle; Crusaders; Mukawer; Mukawir; Machaerus; Solomea; John the Baptist; Antipas; Jerash; snorkeling; diving; salty beach. hot; waterfall; turtle; float; floating, Eilat; Israel; Aquarium; Jabal; Baqer; Sor; Humeimeh; Wadi Aheimir; Khubat; Wadi Rahmeh; Wadi Rakya; Umm Ar – Rasas; Qusayr Amra; Qasr al-Azraq Qasr al-Azraq; Desert Castles; Monastery; Aqaba; Citadel; Jerash; Wadi Hamra; Wadi Ghweir; Little Petra; the Monastery; Ad-Deir; private tour; Al Madras Secret Road; Ein Es Saada; Aqaba; city; Red Sea; diving; snorkeling;The Monastery; Little Petra;

Those looking for a more relaxing experience can sail on a boat or aboard of a luxury yacht, where comfort and elegance blend flawlessly. Relax on the deck, enjoying in the sunshine as the rhythmic sway of the waves calms you to sleep.

As you glide over the Red Sea’s glistening surface, be prepared to be mesmerized by the marine wonders beneath.
Grab your snorkeling gear and plunge into the Red Sea’s beautiful underwater environment, where a rainbow of coral reefs and marine life awaits.
Put on your diving gear and take a dive for an exciting experience. Explore a world of vibrant fish, unique marine animals, and beautiful coral gardens. Whether you are an experienced diver or a novice, the Red Sea’s unspoiled waters provide an underwater paradise unlike any other.

Have an unforgettable outdoor adventure in Jordan with Via Jordan Travel and Tours. Our trained staff will construct an experience precisely tailored to your interests to guarantee that every moment is filled with anticipation, surprise, and a profound connection with nature.

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