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Jordan Canyons AdventureMujeb Canyon
12 days Special tour to Wadi Mukheiris, Wadi El Hidan, Wadi Ibn Hammad, Wadi Kerak, Wadi Assal, Wadi Hasa, Wadi Dana and Wadi Ghuwier, to the hot springs of Callirhoe at Zarqa Ma’in, descending along hot and cold springs, along hanging gardens, Canoeing and abseiling

Itinerary 12 Days 11 Nights for Jordan Canyouns Adventures tour

Day 1:

Airport Arrival,

Meets and assist at Airport, transfer to your hotel at Amman, dinner and overnight.

Day 2:

Amman – Wadi Mukheiris –Amman,
Early in the morning, we drive to the Dead Sea at the Jordan Valley, from the beach start from Wadi Mukheiris: 9 Km, 9 hours, one way and back, a canyon with an impressive 20 m waterfall and several pools.


The trail offers a fine look through the Dead Sea, have lunch, at the evening back to your hotel at Amman, dinner and overnight.

Day 3:

Amman – Wadi Zarqa Ma’in – Dead Sea,

In the morning after breakfast will drive to Wadi Zarqa Ma’in canyon in a completely different nature, a magnificent gorge, a steep and difficult path leads to the hot springs of Callirhoe.


In this valley, we will have easy walk, and the last 4 Km, to Ma’in hot springs, at Evason Ma’in Resorts, end of the lower George, drive to Dead Sea Campsite, dinner and overnight.

Day 4:

Dead Sea – Wadi El Hidan – Camping,
Early in the morning, drive Wadi El Hidan, from the beginning of the canyon, start from east side of the trail to end in the west side at the Dead Sea, ropes will be provided by the tour guide, have lunch, on the upper reaches of Wadi El Hidan.


you often swim more than you walk through abundant pools, you will be descending along hot and cold springs, a majestic waterfall awaits you, the route is one way, 15 km, 13 hours, two 50 m ropes, in the evening reach our campsite, dinner and overnight.

Day 5:

Dead Sea – Wadi Ibn Hammad – Kerak,

In the morning will to Wadi Ibn Hammad, you will walk in the water and into the narrow siq, with plants and palm trees on the wall, some waterfalls here and there. Most of the times you will walk in the water reach your knees, and at some places, the water will reach your waist. This will of course also depend on the time of the year.


In addition, your local guide will know that you cannot do this walk during or shortly after rain due to the risk of flash floods, (3 hours hike), after lunch, drive to Moujip Hotel in Kerak, check in, dinner and overnight.

Day 6:

Kerak – Wadi Kerak – Mazra’a,
Early in the morning after breakfast, driver south to Wadi Kerak which offers you spectacular waterfalls, a colorful sandstone gorge and impressive hanging gardens. The upper waterfall consists of three steps dropping 40 m down walls of sandstone.

Several side streams flow into Wadi Karak, one of these entering as a tall dripping waterfall crowned with palm trees and stalactites, the route is one way, 500 m descent, 9 km, 9 hours ( 1 hour) to the first waterfall, (4 hours) from the last waterfall to the end of the trail, two 50 ropes and ordinary abseiling great. Evening we will arrive Mazara’a in Aghwar area, we will camp in south of Mazra’a Junction.

Day 7:

Mazra’a – Wadi ‘Assal – Hot Springs in Hammam Afra,
Early morning, we will drive via Numaira, to Wadi Assal, it offers a narrow sandstone gorge, with luxuriant vegetation and six water falls, demanding abseiling skills.


The route is one way, 1100 m descent, 15 km, 10 hours (1 hour to the first waterfall, 3.5 hours from the lat waterfall to the end of the trail, Two 30 m ropes and ordinary abseiling gear.


Have lunch, a 4WD will be waiting us in Kathrabba village, to drive us hot springs, Hammam Afra, where we camp and overnight.

Day 8:

Wadi Hasa,
Early in the morning, we start canoeing in Wadi Hasa, narrow gorges and hot springs, its upper reaches carved into white limestone, the drainage basin of the Wadi.


Wadi Hasa extended over 3,200 sq. km, we will take Wadi Hasa, lower canyon, and the route is one-way, 550 m descent (950 m descent including the walk along the dirt track), 18 km, and minimum 10 hours.

Evening the 4WD will drive us to Dana village; check in at Dana hotel, luxury small hotel, dinner and overnight.

Day 9:

Wadi Dana – Fainan,
After breakfast, start hiking via Wadi Dana, which is a system of Wadies and mountains that extends from the upper edge of the Rift Valley down to the desert lowlands of Wadi Araba.


Dana is truly a world of natural treasures, walk to Wadi Fainan, the beginning of Araba desert you find am amazing Edge, and Copper Mines in Wadi Fainan, the tour is one way, 18 Km, 6 hours, easy hiking, we will arrive Wadi Fainan, overnight in a camp, and have their tradition dinner.

Day 10:

Fainan – Wadi Ghuwier – Hammam Dethneh- Mansoura,

In the morning an early start to Wadi Ghuweir, descends from the Shawbak plateau through a spectacular red sandstone siq.


The route is one-way, altitude difference, Distance and walking time: 500 m descent, 11 km, 8 hours, expect wet shoes.


After 1.5 hour will reach Hammam Dethneh, the great oasis with palm trees, we will swim there, and continue via Wadi Nakheel to Mansoura, there is a garden of old olive trees, transfer to Petra and overnight.

Day 11:


In the morning, we visit the many sites of Petra, the city carved into the rose-red Mountains by the Nabateans and lost to Civilization until re-discovered by the Swiss Burkhardt. Walk through the Siq, a narrow and winding fissure between the cliffs, to reach the Treasury, the Nabatean Theater, the royal tombs, the Roman Road, the great temple, the temple of the Winged Lion and the basin, over night Petra.

Day 12:

Petra – Amman,
Transfer to Amman, to the airport for departure.

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