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Amman Mukawir Tour Mukawir
From: Amman to Hisban, Mukawir and Umm Al Rasas
Biblical One day tour, for Amman Mukawir

One Day:


Hisban – Mukawir – Umm Al Rasas – Amman,

You will start your day by visiting Hisban which is located on the edge of the highland plateau overlooking the Northern tip of the Dead Sea and the lower part of Jordan Valley.

The Amorite King Sihon ruled the area of central Jordan from his capital at heshbon (one of the Cities of the Plain), widely identified with modern-day Hisban due to the similarity in names

Fortified in the Roman-Byzantine period and called Esbus, Hisban was also an important early Christian station on the pilgrims’ route from Jerusalem to Mount Nebo via the Jordan River, modern Hisban village is the first major antiquities site on the Kings’ Highway south of Amman.

Then visit Mukawir, a fortress set on a high hill near the Dead Sea, it is the site of one of Herod’s palaces, and has the tradition of being where Salome danced and John the Baptist was beheaded. From the top of this mountain it is possible to see Herod’s two other mountain-top palaces, Herodium near Bethlehem and Alexandrium near Jericho.

Next visit Umm Ar-Rasas, was mentioned on both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Most of the city now lies in ruins, but there are several buildings in its eastern part, including churches, a courtyard with a well, staircases and stone arches that have all been excavated and restoredm, visit the recently unearthed Church of Saint Stephen with its perfectly preserved outstanding mosaic, which depicts the images of 27 Old and New Testament cities of the Holy Land, east and west of the River Jordan.

Then see the highest standing ancient tower in Jordan, Just two kilometers north of Umm Ar-Rasas which is believed to have been used as a place of solitude by early Christian monks. The tower is 15 metres high and has no door or inner staircase.


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