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Lot's Cave


Lot's Cave Located 3km Southeast of Dead Sea, Remains from the cave date to the early Bronze Age (3300–2000 BC) and an inscription in the cave mentions Lot the nephew of Abraham by name. 

 A 10-minute climb up a steps, surrounded by the ruins of a small Byzantine church, which is clearly mentioned at Madaba mosaic map showing the church of St. Lot at this location, other excavations revealed a 7th-century Byzantine church with a dedication to ‘St. Lot's cave, and with access to the cave through the north.


Site of Lot's CaveEarly Christians - drawing on Genesis chapter 19 of the Old Testament - believed after their flight from Sinful Sodom, Lot and his daughters lived after fleeing the destruction of Sodom, Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt after looking back.


Pillar of Lot's Wife Lot and his two daughters lived here, the daughters feared they would never find a husband to continue their lineage; they plotted to get their father drunk and seduce him, one of his daughters bore a son named Moab, ancestor of the Moabites, while the other daughter’s son, Ben-ami, was the father of the Ammonites.


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